Path of Exile Maps

Path of Exile Maps

Tuesday April 2 2019, 11:38 PM
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In Path of Exile Maps supply the endgame content. Their quality can vary the same as items and they may be magic, rare or unique. They also get their own special affixes and these enhance the difficulty of maps also as their rewards. Maps also provide quality that may be increased by Cartographer's Chisel.
Maps could be opened from the Eternal Laboratory which is often located in POE Currency Act3. Eternal Laboratory is not used as long because you did not complete Lady Dialla's quests in Merciless difficulty. You could also have your Map Device as part of your hideout, this may be obtained from Zana.
After you've opened a atlas you can have six portals. Each portal symbolizes one try. If you will find no more portals left you cannot finish the map so pay attention due to this. You will use Portal Scrolls inside a guide but if you are going back down one Portal will close.
Maps are available from any situation that drops items which is at the least level 60 or older. There are several map tiers each tiers are dropped in several places. Non-map areas is only able to drop tier one maps. Higher tier maps could only be found inside other, lower tier maps. Every monster features a chance to Buy POE Items drop maps one level more than the map they may be in. Bosses can drop a map that is certainly higher by two levels than the existing one.
Currently you will discover 77 base and 11 unique maps in the sport.
Maps are broken into three tiers. Different tiers unlock new and harder map mod combinations. Vendors also can exchange 3 maps in the same quality to your one level higher map.