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Fatman Scoop Custom Drops

Alex Young - Crash This Party (feat Fatman Scoop) - Official Music Video

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:53
Alex Young "Crash This Party" (feat. Fatman Scoop) official video. Lyrics appear below.

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Director: Devin Gibson
Editor: Mark Scherel
Choreographer: Cicely Bradley
Assistant Choreographer: Soraya Lundy
Wardrobe/Styling: Arlinda McIntosh - Sofistafunk, the Skirt Co.
Assistant Wardrobe: Tywan Bynum
Hair: Daleesa Weary
Make up: Keila Rivera
Production Designer: Cat Torres
Dancers: Anthony AntBoogie Rue II, La Jon Dantzler , Gabriel Serrano and Ileana Hichez,

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Crash This Party -LYRICS

Scoop Chant:
OH! Let me in. Let me in. Fatman Scoop, Alex Young. Let me in. Knock the door down. Let's Go!

I came to Drop it, Lock it, Pop it, Throw it, Switch it, Dip it, Roll it
So tell the D.J to hit it. and to turn it turn it up!
I came to Love it , Cop it , Own it, Take it, Give it, Show it ,Feel it
So tell the DJ to bring it and to turn it turn it up

You wanna crash this party?
Yes you do.(3x)
Stand back, Nawh, only VIPs

I ain't stopping till I, I ain't stopping till I
I ain't stopping till I, Sweat out my curls 2x

Even if the sun comes out
I ain't stopping till I wear myself out
Till I break something-Hurt something
Gonna have to carry me out
Even if the carry me out
I'll be doing it all the way out
I'll be winding it, grinding it
Six feet under the ground

I came to dip it (7x)
So tell the Dj to flip it

If I don't stop you don't stop
if you don't stop I don't stop
if I don't stop you don't stop
if you don't stop we don't stop

Scoop Chant:
Who came to turn it up?
We came to turn it up

Who came to shut it down?
We came to shut it down

Who came to go berserk?
We came to go berserk

Who came to tear it up?
We came to tear it up

Let's dance!