The dark clouds outside the

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The dark clouds outside the window gathered together, and a torrential rain was ready to go. The eyes suddenly wet, tears dripped, the wounds in the corners of the mouth burned hot, and the swollen cheeks had lost consciousness. I lowered my head and let my tears pluck one after another on the trousers.You see you, it's a real treasure!" Dad's figure reflected on the wall, and the thunder of the thunder made me can't help but make a nap [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store[/url]. "What can I do if my child can't do it?" Mom cried [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Cheap Newport Cigarette Online[/url], yeah, the test was so bad, what other faces do I have? Dad rushed to the front, "Hey!" A slap in the face of my face, "Kneeling down!" I kneel down, "How can you not be smart!" Mother's crying is even more fierce, I Tightly biting my lips, I dare not move. "Don't read the book! Go to work!" Dad slammed the sentence and slammed the door, and the mother chased it out. The rain outside the window didn't know when it came down. The raindrops slammed the glass on the window and left a "tear mark" on the glass. The cheeks on both sides were swollen. I stopped paying attention to the tears on my face, even though they made me feel more. pain. "Call..." A cold wind struck, and I felt that my heart had been torn by this cold wind.ted in my heart: "Why! Why, I am no one else! Why!" No one answered me, tears flowed into my mouth, bitter, a lightning strikes the sky, and the thunder of thunder almost scared me to death. I climbed into the bed, and my childhood memories are still vivid.m!" I was scared and crying by the thunder [url=www.852stock.com]Order Malboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa[/url]. Mom hurriedly picked me up: "The baby is not afraid [url=www.sellcigarette.com]Cartons Newports Sale[/url], the baby does not cry, go home and eat the fragrant millet porridge to go..." In the sweet voice of my mother, I gradually fell asleep...nking of my mother��s attitude towards me in the past, my tears are flooding again. I try to suppress my own crying. The rain is getting louder and louder. I don��t know if my parents have an umbrella. When I think of it, I rushed to get up and see less in my home. Two umbrellas, my heart was put down, only when I remembered that I didn't have dinner, I found it in the refrigerator. In a blink of an eye, I found a small note on the table: Baby, you will always be Mom's baby, come on, mom believes in you!ars and disappointment on the face, my tearing heart has been patched by small notes, a lightning strike through the sky [url=www.cartonsofcigarettes.com]Wholesale Carton Cigarettes[/url], but it will not leave traces in the air, sadness is not it?oom!" Another thunder! But I am no longer afraid! The rain has not stopped yet! I will build my own world in the storm! Competition will not stop! But I will do my best and go forward! Waiting in the storm!
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