Today, I am so happy! Becaus

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Today, I am so happy! Because I want to go to the Zhangzhou Baizhang Waterfall with my mother and classmatesverage daily flow of the Baizhang Waterfall in Zhangzhou is about 1,500. Although Xinchang and Pingshui have drifting, they are far less exciting than the Baizhang drifting in Zhangzhou. There are 23 rapids and shoals in Baizhang rafting, so it is very fun and thrilling [url=www.cartonsofcigarettes.com]Buy Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale[/url].ar started. Along the way, I was excited to sing a little song, and the thoughts of the excitement and thrills in my head, the thought of the white spray, the rushing water, made me look forward to it. Unconsciously, we arrived at the Baizhang Waterfall [url=www.sellcigarette.com]Discount Bulk Cigarette Tobacco[/url]. The car came along the narrow, rugged mountain road to where we drifted. I saw it, wow, on the shore, the uniformity of the rubber boat like a hill, and in the water, there are many rubber boats arranged in an orderly manner, that is spectacular!t on life jackets, put on safety helmets, and set off on ahe top of the mountain, my mother and I boarded a red and yellow rubber boat with a small paddle. Ready, set off.ly with the flow of water, I think: The first is not a shoal or rapids? I didn't expect that I guessed it wrong. The first shoal gave us a "Da Mawei". The drop was too big. The water flowed straight down and scared me to yell "Ah!" I haven't slowed down from the first shoal. Come, the second one came again, and it was even more fierce. I screamed again, "Oh, ah..." The hands of the boat were tightly held, and the third hand was a rapids. This time it turned out to be Pingtan stopped slowly. After two rounds of competition, we have become a "falling chicken". The whole boat is already "water-filled Jinshan". In the gap of Pingtan, we quickly took down the helmet and worked hard. The mantle water, oh oh oh ah, but did not wait for the water in the boat to finish [url=www.cartonsofcigarettes.com]Newport Cigarette For Sale[/url], and then came to a shoal, "wearing a hard hat, grab the handrail", heard my mother hysterically shouted, I Looking back, I am approaching the slope of the shoal. I have to wear a hard hat, sit firmly, and help. I still can't forget the safety in the thrill. Our boat felt like it had to be turned over. I felt my ass slammed down, and then the whole boat drifted down in the rotation. I felt like I was going to be smashed out [url=www.852stock.com]Order Newport 100[/url], and then there was another stream of water. I alime there is a rapids and shoal, it gives us different feelings, which makes people feel scared. In this way, we came to the fifteenth shoal [url=www.cigarettessupermarket.com]Cheap Newport Cigarette Online[/url]. The water in this shoal is in the shape of a zigzag. The more the drop, the more than seven or eight meters. Look like that. The rubber boat had to be rushed down by the rapids, closing his eyes, letting the rapids blow the face, the ears into the water, the nose suffocating, and the heart was about to jump into the eyes of the blind man. I still hold the handrails and let the rapids come more violently. Under the huge momentum of the rapids, the rubber boat squats on the left side, touches the right side, drifts down in the middle of the rotation, and the middle section of the zigzag shape, I feel vertical, our rubber boat does not follow the rapids, but The sky flew directly out, and finally fell to the flat of this shoal. I am really worried that it will be smashed by sharp stones. As a result, I am worried. When I open my eyes, the rubber boat is stranded on the flat beach like a boat that is weak and sinking. Pat the chest and muttered to himself "good, okay, stimulating, thrilling, but not dangerous."