Steelers vs. Buccaneers: 3 Steelers who need to have a huge game to help secure a win

3 weeks ago
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The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t get off to a great start. After all http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers.com/cheap-marcus-gilbert-jersey , there was a reason Mike Tomlin referred to the team’s horrid start as the “September Stench”. Nonetheless, the uber talented group rebounded from their 1-2-1 start, and have rattled off 5 straight wins heading into a Week 11 meeting with the Jacksonville Jaguars.Yeah, the swagger is back.Unlike recent years, there aren’t players chirping from their locker stalls, but just a quiet confidence surrounding the group as they continue to put their heads down and prove they are more than capable — with or without Le’Veon Bell.What has been fun to watch, from a website editor’s perspective, has been the confidence the fan base has shown, or hasn’t shown, in the black-and-gold throughout the year.Take a look at the most recent FanPulse chart for BTSC fans, from BTSC fans:You can see a near 100-percent confidence heading into the Week 1 game vs. the Cleveland Browns, and then a steep drop off which were the losses to the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4. I found it interesting how a huge win over the Atlanta Falcons at home didn’t give the confidence numbers quite the boost I expected. Nor did the win over the Cincinnati Bengals prior to the bye week. No, it wasn’t until wins over the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium and demolishing the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football when the fans confidence has started to really pick up.The players have found their swagger, and it seems the fans have too! The question now is whether they will keep this upward trajectory, or if the Jaguars will be the downer on the team’s parade for the third straight time.10 Things I Think I Thought: Steelers Victory Formation Edition Same article title, different result. I’ve had ten thoughts on a tie, ten on a loss Black Xavier Grimble Jersey , and am happy to finally be able to share the ten things I think I thought during a Steelers’ victory on Monday night.It’s complicated. There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who do not. That said, we all tend to think in binary patterns- good and bad, strong and weak, plus and minus. Coming into this game we had one good team that was supposed to be bad, the Buccaneers, and one bad team that was supposed to be good, the Steelers. But the bad team beat the good team. Before the season started no one was worried about Chris Boswell, everyone worried about Bud Dupree. But so far Dupree is giving Boswell a run for his money on points scored. More on Dupree. I, and others, have not been shy about pointing out his weaknesses the first two weeks. A silver-platter delivered pick-six doesn’t undo those weaknesses, but it was part of a good game on Bud’s part. I’m hoping for more. Dilly dilly.My hot Italian sausage sandwiches are far superior to anything on the menu at Ruffalo Child Sings. Just ask my hot Irish-Cherokee wife.Whether with Jameis Winston or Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm, the Bucs will make shipwreck of their season. Write it down, and they will finish once again dead last in their division.Anybody else have an onslaught of deja-vu watching Terrell Edmunds return his pick? He looked just as slippery as he did when he picked one off in the preseason. I don’t know how it can be done, but boy would I love to see more of him with the ball in space. Keep your eye on this one.Did I mention it’s complicated? I’m still unclear how after ramming the ball down the throat of the Browns for three quarters the Steelers suddenly became an immovable wall in the fourth, and then the opposite happened Monday night. Connor went nowhere in the early stages of the game, but when everyone Black Sean Davis Jersey , and everyone’s brother, knew we would run it, holes open up, Connor runs through them and Pittsburgh ends up in victory formation.Turnovers are the stolen bases of football — potential game changers, whatever else might be going on. They changed this game. As Bob Labriola opined, for every worrisome stat for our defense, there is this corresponding stat in their favor — four turnovers.For those of you who are newbies, here’s the secret for making it happen. You hold your Terrible Towel with the letters facing the TV, like you want the players to read it. You shake the towel a little bit and say, “Splash play. SPLASH PLAY.” It’s like playing Renegade, except you can do it at home.As a Steeler fan I’m looking forward to the day when we are done talking about Le’Veon Bell. As a fellow Hodgkins survivor, I’m looking forward to the day when James Conner is simply James Connor, star tailback of the Super Bowl champion Steelers.Winning may fix some things, but it doesn’t fix everything. The Steelers were good enough to win Monday night against a decent team. Which is well short of where this team needs to be to compete for a championship. I came away from this game not at all convinced they will get there, but at least believing it’s possible. Don’t stop believing. Hold on to that feeling. www.nflshopoutlet.com/cincinnati-bengals
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