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When you receive my letter, you will be forced to open the envelope. I really want to knowd song sings well: "There are only mothers in the world, and mothers with mothers are like treasures..." Yes, maternal love is great and selfless. But I think father love is also great!any times in your arms are spoiled; how many times have you played in your laughter; how many times have you found your confidence in your hopeful eyes [url=www.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Wholesale Newport[/url]... Ah, how great you are!essly and never complained. I can't forget, when the night is quiet, when you are still quiet, you quietly come to my room, help me cover the quilt [url=www.usacigs365.com]Buy Cigaretes Marlboro[/url], adjust the fan, see when I sleep so sweet, then leave with confidence; forget, when I meet When you are in trouble, you are also tired of explaining and analyzing for me until I understand it. I er when I was in the third grade, I had a high fever and I was lying on the hospital bed with a gaslessness. The high fever of forty degrees made me feel confused. A few days of grain did not enter, and I came over with a hanging needle. You and my mother are watching me around the clock. Under the care of your meticulous care, my illness is getting better every day, but you are losing weight every day. Looking at your exhausted look and bloodshot eyes, I feel the greatness of my father's love, my eyes are suddenly moist... Dad, your love, like the winter sun, warms me like a spring rain Nourish me! Hello! I hope that you will receive this insignificant letter from me in heaven. Mr. Lu Xun, I will be re learning a text called "One Side" which is written in you. I don't know if you still remember that it rained. In the Neishan Bookstore, there is a young man who wants to buy your book. You sell it to him for one dollar. Two books, you don't want money, and one is "Destruction". His name is Ale. He didn't lose your face, because you, he embarked on the road of literature, because you are the courage to live. Although I have not seen you, I can read from the article that you must be a diligent person for work [url=www.vonderhain.com/marlborowww.cheapcigarettesfamily.com]Wholesale Cigerattes[/url]. For the sake of work, for the revolutionary cause, you have dedicated your life and devoted all your efforts and youth to your work. . Because of the spirit of your self-sacrifice, you will be the best in the world, and future generations will always remember you and follow your xtremely convinced of your anti-feudal thinking and the feelings of worrying about the country and the people. I also appreciate your strong and somewhat paranoid cynical heart. I am sated the new literary revolutionary movement and it is a new democracy with a firm stand [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Cheapest Marlboro 100 Cigarettes[/url]. Although the road to the literary revolution is very difficult to go, it will be arrested or even killed if you are not careful. But Mr. Lu Xun has insisted on going on without any remorse. There is no remorse. What a great revolutionary spirit ! For the sake of the motherland and the people, you don't even care about your own life. I remember your first vernacular novel, "The Madman's Diary," telling a persecuted "madman", no matter what books he read, he wrote "eat people" two blood red characters, etc., profoundly exposing the feudal society to eat people. The essence of this novel is the first vernacular novel in China. Whether it is language or thought, it is called "great"! It brought a thunderr the awakening of a nation. I can't guess how much you have tolerated in your heart. But at least, you have already embraced the Chinese nation in your heart. You focus on the education of the next generation and the enlightenment for the future. You use the preparations of the mind to wake up an anesthetized person. Although you are weathered and suffering, you still follow the light and follow the future. You become a warrior, use a pen as a gun, and shoot at the enemy of consciousness. I see more and more people being awakened, and you have opened up new paths to save the nation with special personality charm. You are worthy of our "national soul!" You are a bright pearl in the history of China, the pride of our sons and daughters of China. Nowadays, the revolutionary cause has been liberated. We have entered the modern society of the 21st century. The world is developing. The motherland and children are making great strides. Now the cloning technology is booming. The Shenzhou No. 10 is ready to go, nanotechnology, electronic eyes, mayres our generation of young people. I want to start from me and start with the little things around me [url=www.100scigarettes.com]Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online[/url]. Inherit and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation that you have in your life - always think for others and think for society. Work hard to learn to grow up for the society and contribute to the motherland.
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