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Today, I read the article "Little Girl Selling Matches" and deeply touched my heart. The wonderful story tells me all the time: How happy I am.s article chronicles the tragic story of a little girl who sells matches and sells matches on a cold New Year's Eve night. Although the weather was terrible and it was snowing [url=www.cigarettesstoreonline.com]Cigarette Cartons Wholesale[/url], the little girl was sitting barefoot on the ground, and she begged, hoping someone could sell her matches. She lit a match, dreaming of the moment when she and her grandmother were happy, and finally died on the street. Shows a little girl who pursues warmth and pursues light.I read, "This little girl is walking barefoot on the street with bare feet, she is only wearing... but no one has ever stepped on her." I was shocked. It was snowing, walking barefoot; blowing wind, wearing thin and worn clothes, under the eaves, she took a few bare matches in her hand [url=www.cigarettesstoreonline.com]Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes[/url], twitching in the cold wind, pleading with enthusiasm, that heart-wrenching The scene is hard to imagine; the eyes of expectation and pleading, why is there no one from the heart of this little girl in the cold wind? Why isn't there a person who is willing to kneel down and buy a few matches, even if it is one, give her a few copper plates, even if it is one! Thinking of this, I seem to travel through time and space, came to the New Year's Eve night, came to the little girl, bought half of her matches, gave her the match money [url=www.newportandmarlborosale.com]Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online[/url], and comforted those who passed the road to buy her. matches. The little girl seemed to be lonely and lonely night became her harvest night. I am playing with her, letting her and us, as well as eating and drinking, learning together, playing together, enjoying our colorful childhood like us. But all this is just our good dreams. At this time, my tears blurred my eyes.ead: "She smeared one match after another, imagining that she was with her grandmother, listening to her grandmother telling stories, laughing with her grandmother, eating roast duck together... happy life," I already Tears are raining. This is what she wants, she did not ask for food and clothing, as the flowers in the greenhouse. She hopes to be with her family, to be with her grandmother, to live an ordinary and happy life. It is obvious that in her eyes, happy life is to laugh with her family [url=www.buycigarettescoupons.com]Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes[/url], and happy life is no matter how poor or bitter. In our society with developed economy and rejuvenating the country, it is no longer ordinary. We live in a bright and warm society and think about the future. We have beautiful dresses and a good learning environment. It��s a carefree day. Can the little girl? She hopes to have a complete home! I was touched by the good wishes hidden in the heart of the little girl. She has lived a happy life like us. However, she does not even dare to go home now. Because if the strict father knows that the little girl has not sold a match and did not earn a copper plate, she will not let her go home. Poor she had to sit on the street, sitting alone under the eaves, waiting for someone to buy her matches. I saw the little girl��s father and thought about my parents, they worked hard every day. They went out to work late, earned money to support their families, and made us study, and cultivated us to become the pillars of the motherland. However, parents still work hard, and some don't even let us do housework. We are all compliant, never criticize, let alone let us go home. On the contrary, going home late will make them feel worried.r that once I was out of school, the sky suddenly clouded and it rained down. I didn't bring an umbrella. Suddenly, in the rain and fog, a familiar figure appeared - it was a mother. Mom sent me an umbrella. Along the way, my mother asked the cold and asked Dong [url=www.usacheapcigarettes.com]Newport Coupons For Cartons[/url]. I don't care about my mother's words, but I am very impatient with the "Rosie" of the adults. Now I know that what adults do is for the sake of children.
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