Curiosity kills a cat

4 weeks ago
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Curiosity kills a cat - read "some prices you can't afford" I read a story "Some of the costs you can't afford." He talked about a small fly into the city, and mothers don't touch those sticky papers. But he and his partner were not in the heart, they went to touch. I didn't stick it once, twice, three times... I got stuck when I got to six legs, and I couldn't bury my sticky paper.e little fly John died so badly that all were curiosity. I am very sorry and sorry. Because I have suffered injuries and pains because of curiosity. Those painful experiences made me unforgettable, and now I think there is still a little bit of fear.at was when I was five years old, one day, I was playing a ball at home. Suddenly, the sound of "ž" sounded. I looked back, Austria, it turned out that Dad was holding a lighter to light a cigarette. "Lighter?" 'This is a good thing for me when I was young. How does the lighter ignite? Why does it slam when it ignites? Why is the yellow under the fire is blue... A series of problems are I have to sneak in my mind. I have to find out. Suddenly, a light mobile phone ringing came, it was Dad��s phone. I secretly thought: I can play a lighter. I came to the living room with a light hand. Attention. I saw the lighter on the table. I looked around and found no one. I took the lighter and put it behind me. I didn't expect to be seen by my mother [url=www.usacheapcigarettes.com]Marlboro Reds 100S Carton[/url]. My mother asked: "Xu Hong, what is hidden behind you?" ? "I...nothing..." "Get it out!" ""Oh. "My heart reluctantly took it out from behind. My mother put the lighter and said: "Children can't play with a lighter [url=www.cigarettesstoreonline.com]Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale[/url]. It's dangerous to play with fire. What should I do? What should I do if I want to order the house? Really annoying! How can I burn myself? I must find a chance to play with a lighternext morning, I started a secret operation. My father and mother haven't got up yet, I walked carefully and picked up the lighter, then walked back lightly. I am playing around on the edge of the bed. Suddenly [url=www.newportandmarlborosale.com]Newport Cigarette Cartons[/url], the fire burned my hand, my hand was burned with a big bubble [url=www.newportandmarlborosale.com]Buy Cigarettes Marlboro[/url], and I cried and burst into tears [url=www.newportandmarlborosale.com]Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes[/url]. When the mother heard the crying, she immediately ran over and anxiously asked: "Baby, what happened? I cried and cried and said: "Hand pain! "Mom took me to the kitchen and used cold water to help me soak my injured hand. I complained and complained, "Is it not for you to play?" How do you still play? Look hot and start! I don��t listen to the old man��s words, I��m in front of my eyes...�� I looked down at the blistering fingers with a low head and tears, thinking secretly: I know today, why should I be at the beginning! past is vivid, I read this story today, and I once again realized that I was really curious to kill the cat! In life, when we are curious about something, don't forget to listen to other people's good advice, think twice before doing things, don't let yourself regret