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Civilized virtues, with me growing up, we have to develop a good habit of civility and courtesy from an early age.nce ancient times, the Chinese nation has been a nation that emphasizes moral education and personal cultivation. A sweet smile, a persistent pursuit, a tolerance for the comfort of the human heart, and a melodious note on the beautiful and beautiful songs.believe that humility is the greatest virtue. Some people think that it is only on the surface to talk about "paper talks", but they don't actually need to do it, but they are wrong. You don't have to do big things in life, but small things are ignored. Every bit of life, you can Do, let the old man go first, and see the old man want to give up the seat.this word is unfamiliar and familiar to people. As early as many years ago [url=www.npsmoking.com]Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online[/url], our teachers taught us to learn to be modest. As time goes by, the word has been gradually forgotten in our memory... I remember once, I am standing on the 4-way car, there are many people, and the seats are full of people. When I arrived at Qingxia Road, I got a grandmother with silver hair and a young grandson. No one gave up. The old grandmother led the grandson from the door of the car to the rear of the car, but the people who were full of cars did not care, and turned a blind eye. The people who are sitting are safe and sound, and they don��t even look at them. Not many people look at this old and young like me. Every time I go to a site, I will play the "Traditional Virtue of the Chinese nation, please..." I think, this is a waste of electricity. I have listened to it hundreds of times. I think people who often do cars have listened to more than 100 times. Today, people who are full of people are facing them without paying attention [url=www.npsmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Cartons Sale[/url].ly, I saw such a news in the newspaper: a public recruitment company in Harbin, a female college student who came to apply for a job, the quality of all aspects is quite good, because she has taken the initiative to give others a seat, the recruiting unit said "Lack of competition awareness" and refused to hire [url=www.cigarettesnewports.com]Cheapest Newports Cigarettes[/url]. I think that for our middle school students, giving up is just one of our obligations. Now, people are taking their own interests very seriously, and no one wants to suffer a loss �C just as a simple gesture of giving up. At the moment, the seat has become the spoiled bread, kicked and kicked like a football. of us will happen in school. But between classmates and classmates, we should also be humbly accommodating each other. We must make small things small and small things [url=www.cigars-home.com]Marlboro Usa Price[/url]. Only in this way can we make people better together [url=www.sale-cigarettes.com]Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Wholesale[/url].way forward has been paved for us. The next step is to let us go on stubbornly. When things are going on, we must first have the virtues of middle school students. We have the virtues of our Chinese nation. People without virtues are not noble. Don��t let bad habits Contaminated with the youth of flowers, let alone accompany you to spend the best life! Let our campus bloom beautifully, let our society spark the spark of civilization, let us embrace civilization, and hand in hand with virtues!
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