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Aloha Friday vol.4

By AV8DJTools, 2019-04-26
Aloha Friday vol.4


It's DJ Midori.

Today, I am going to introduce the artist "Sons of Zion". 

I'm in Hawaii right now🌴

I went to Hawaiian reggae festival over here and I saw their performance. I like it their new song. So I would like to share at this blog! I could see a lot of artists at the festival this time! I really hope I get to see their performances again!!!


Aloha Friday Vol.4

By AV8DJTools, 2019-04-14
Aloha Friday Vol.4

Aloha Friday Vol.4


How are you guys doing?


Spring in Japan is known for the cherry blossoms.🌸 I went to cherry blossom viewing with my friend. 

Today, I'm going to introduce female artist MIMI's song, "Lucky we live in HI".

This song is one of my favorite song.

I used to live in Hawaii for someyears. 

Experiences in Hawaii are really good memories for me. She released this song right after I went back to Japan. I listen this song when I miss my friends in Hawaii and island. 

Have a nice weekend.



Aloha Friday Vol.2

By AV8DJTools, 2019-03-29
Aloha Friday Vol.2

Aloha! !🌺

It’s DJ MIDORI. I am going to introduce my favorite airtist “MAOLI” who are from Maui island’.

Maoli  means “native” in Hawaiian Language. 

When I went to their live for the 1st time, I was surprised their popularity from locals because all audiences were singing  their song together. Maoli always takes the lead and spread the attraction of island music to the world.

Have a nice weekend, MAHALO!


Aloha Friday Vol.2

By AV8DJTools, 2019-03-15
Aloha Friday Vol.2

Aloha, Everyone!🌺

It’s DJ MIDORI. I just started this Blog called “Aloha Friday”, but I didn’t tell you guys about what ALOHA FRIDAY is. So I would like to explain it on today’s Blog. 

We actually use this word “Aloha Friday” on every Friday in Hawaii. 

Companies allow employees to wear Aloha shirts at office on Friday and people celebrate the end of the work week. 

Today’s song is “Island inside me” by Anuhea.

She is a singer-songwriter from Maui Island.

She used to learn how to play a guitar by herself when she was student. She has been winning awards at some music awards in the world. This is my favorite song.


Aloha Friday Vol.1

By AV8DJTools, 2019-03-01
Aloha Friday Vol.1

Aloha, Everyone!🌴

My name is  DJ MIDORI.  I am going to start NEW BLOG called “Aloha Friday”!

I would like to introduce Hawaiian Reggae artists and their music here.

I chose this song “CHAUFFEUR” of Rebel Souljahz for the 1st Blog.

The member of Rebel Souljahz  are from Waipahu which is located in Northwest of Oahu island.

Their albums always have been ranked in higher rank since 2006 when they started career as Hawaiian Reggae artist .

Last year, they were chosen as winner of song of the year in the Island Music Awards. 

Today I am going to introduce a song called “Chauffeur” from their newest full album “4 the People” which was due out on 2017.

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