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Aloha Friday Vol.10

By AV8DJTools, 2019-08-23
Aloha Friday Vol.10

ALOHA! Everyone!

Today, I'm going to introduce my favorite band from Hawaii which is called "three plus". I found there new song "Love you for life". 

Unfortunately, they don't have a music video of this song yet...But, you can find the song on YouTube or Apple music!!!!



Aloha Friday Vol.9

By AV8DJTools, 2019-08-16
Aloha Friday Vol.9

Aloha, everyone!!!

Today, I'm going to introduce the famous artist "the green". I really love there music, and  this is one of my favorite from the green. 
My name MIDORI means green!lol

have a nice day!!!


Aloha Friday Vol.8

By AV8DJTools, 2019-07-20
Aloha Friday Vol.8

Aloha!!!  It's DJ MIDORI!
Today,  I'm going to introduce this song "Crazy for Jane" by Locos por Juana with my favorite artist "common kings".
I would like you to listen this song on this summer!!!
It's really good song for summer time!!
Please ENJOY!🌺


Aloha Friday Vol.7

By AV8DJTools, 2019-07-05
Aloha Friday Vol.7


Today, I'm going to introduce artist "FIA".

Island Music Award of this year was just held on 9th in Hawaii. This award was just started from last year.I really wanted to go there but I couldn't make it...
So I checked the result on website, and one of my favorite artist was winner!
He was nominated for four categories and got everything!!!
I would like to go the award next year🌺

This video is "song of the year"!!!!


Aloha Friday Vol.6

By AV8DJTools, 2019-07-05
Aloha Friday Vol.6

Aloha, everyone!🌴

How are you guys doing?
It's Midori.

Today, I'm going to introduce the famous reggae artist "Morgan Heritage".

They are famous as reggae group, so I think some of you guys might know already this artist "Morgan Heritage".

For today, I would like to show their video "pineapple wine". They are collaborating with some artist for this song, but my favorite version is collaboration with common kings and FIJI. 

Unfortunately, they have only music video of original song, but you guys can find at Apple music or somewhere. 


Aloha Friday Vol.5

By AV8DJTools, 2019-07-04
Aloha Friday Vol.5

Aloha Everyone. It’s Dj MIDORI!🌴

Today, I’m going to introduce the youngest Island reggae artist from New Zealand “GENERAL FIYAH” today.

He is growing up in musical family and joined one of the reggae band group  “three houses down” at 10 years old.  After he started to join the group, he is making waves in his country and nominated at a lot of music awards. 

I would like to introduce to you guys one of his hit song today.

YouTube URL

DJ Acqua delivered this hi energy HipHop/(Remix) Mix here! DJs have to have this quick mix for multiple reasons, grab this and get ready for rocking your long set!!

1. F#ck The Police - DJ Primetyme Remix / N.W.A.

2. Drop It Like It's Hot / Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams

3. Let Me Blow Your Mind (Kerry Glass RMX ) / Eve ft Gwen Stefani

4. Run It (DJ Stressy Remix) (Intro) / Chris Brown

5. Survivor (Luiz Carrera Moombahton Remix) / Destiny's Child

6. Mama Said Knock You Out (Leygo Remix) / LL Cool J


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Aloha Friday vol.4

By AV8DJTools, 2019-04-26
Aloha Friday vol.4


It's DJ Midori.
Today, I am going to introduce the artist "Sons of Zion". 

I'm in Hawaii right now🌴
I went to Hawaiian reggae festival over here and I saw their performance. I like it their new song. So I would like to share at this blog! I could see a lot of artists at the festival this time! I really hope I get to see their performances again!!!


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