The panel decision determined that Jean-Bart

The panel decision determined that Jean-Bart

Wednesday March 3 2021, 12:00 AM
@ Sydney

Jean-Bart has consistently protested his innocence and past month reiterated at a Daily Mail meeting his plan to carry his case into the court of FIFA Mobile Coins arbitration for sport. He contended in his closing oral statement to the board that"in Haiti there's not any'culture of rape' or of sexual abuse".

"In summary, the panel believes that the final report ready by the investigatory chamber relies on solid evidence, assembled by distinct sources... as well as reputed media outlets [such] as the Guardian and the New York Times. In the view of the board, after examining such signs, in addition to the position expressed by Mr Jean-Bart, it's highly implausible, and even hopeless, that such a varied group of individuals and entities, from throughout the world, might be involved, let alone design, an extremely intricate and in depth plot, by supplying extensive, congruent and consistent testimony, in various levels and times throughout the investigation conducted by the Fifa ethics committee."

The panel decision determined that Jean-Bart was engaged with"sexual abuse of female gamers, including minors, who were or are residing in the centre".

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