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published03/17/14 01:00:00AM

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Scoop Booking 01B

Whats up everybody! 
I have been BUSTING MY ASS working on music and traveling! Finally had some time to sit down and hit u guys up! Recording, writing and working is hard work, but when you love what you do its a BLAST! One of my favorite parts of being "fatmanscoop" is performing and TRAVELING to all the places I do. Traveling so much i wound up getting a SUPERFICIAL blood clot in my leg (my leg is the size of the damn ELEPHANT MAN) but I am ok and still can travel! One of the places I traveled in the last couple of days was to perform at Coachella with Skrillex!!!!

Sonny (Skrillex) is one of my FAVORITE dudes I have ever dealt with in the music industry. He is a humble, real dude (for the money he makes that is RARE) I love his camp (manager, tour staff etc) and its fun being around them! About to work on a record with his OWSLA artist KILL THE NOISE and we have been talking about me doing a project with SKRILLEX (never done a full project) so lets see!

Anyway, here is SKRILLEX and I on stage at Coachella! The stage was WET so I couldn't run the way I like to!

I ALMOST BUST MY ASS UP THERE!!!! I was scared to be a Coachella highlight! shout to @glennjamm3 for the footage!!!

I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF when I saw how i jump. I can't JUMP for SHIT!!!!! Skrillex was jumping like SHAQ compared to me! I wanted to show you, but Atlantic Records shut the link down! SMH!!!!!


By the way, I got a new record that i am a part of that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! Its a song by a production duo called the SPANKERS and it features myself and my dude SOCA KING MACHEL MONTANO! I truly believe after you listen to it 1 TIME you will add it to your set!


machel scoop 1 copy


Scoop New Music 01C-1
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site News
published03/17/14 12:00:00AM

AV8 Entertainment Announces Global Star Bookings!

Book our AV8 DJs .Anywhere in the world.




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